Does Income With Jamie Really Work? – Review

Does Income With Jamie Really Work? – Review
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By now, you have probably already seen affiliate marketing coach Jamie Lewis’s introductory video to his latest training program. One thing about Jamie that strikes most people as unusual especially compared to other so called internet gurus is the fact that he does not flaunt his wealthy acquisitions. You won’t see him introducing you to his houses and fancy cars. Even before testing Jamie’s newest methods, I have been a member of Jamie’s training programs and have always been able to pick up cutting edge methods from him. This latest one comes with all the necessary insights to help his students keep ahead of the rest in this competitive affiliate marketing world.

1. How Are Beta-Testers Making Money with the Income with Jamie Program?

Jamie’s newest techniques are designed to large the high ticket items to generate higher commission amounts without going through the process of product creation. However, he does discourage people from depending on their own products to sell. He says that for a beginner to get off flying, the affiliate route is the best. With this route, many problems which beginners have to be subjected to are bypassed. For instance, they do not have to manage joint venture relations, handle customer service or even process payments as would be necessary if they were handling their own small business.

2. What Can Income with Jamie Members Get in the Membership Area and the Training Program?

This program contains 24 weeks of webinars that deliver live personalized training. The traffic generation methods taught by Jamie are all free and he provides personal consultation to help members with this. The potential income that can be created by each member is really up to the individual, as the more techniques are put into use, the more traffic and commissions the individual can expect to realize. By the end of the training program, Jamie’s training program aims to equip each student to become knowledgeable in building their own affiliate marketing business and getting them up and running for profit.

3. Who is the Coach, Jamie Lewis, and Can You Really Trust Him?

Those who have been in the affiliate marketing business for a while will definitely have heard of his name. Jamie Lewis has built a name for himself as the quintessential marketing guru and he is very well known in the affiliate marketing circles. He is also a philanthropist who likes giving back to the society, apart from the cutting edge traffic generation techniques he constantly provides. Once a member of Income with Jamie, I have been able to receiving coaching when I needed it, and always feel that I have a helping hand to reach out to whenever I feel stuck at doing something.

4. Priceless Skills I have Already Learned from Jamie’s Income With Jamie Program

In only the early days of this training program’s launch, I am happy to say that I have already picked up lots of free online marketing techniques that generate commissions. The specific techniques I am talking about are things like flipping sites for money, setting up profitable blogs, YouTube video marketing as well as social media marketing. Another very valuable yet seldom talked about skill is that of outsourcing which Jamie discusses extensively in his course. It involves getting someone to do those time-consuming chores but at a much lower fee.

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