The Best SMS Marketing Trends In 2014

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People who receive a text message on their smart phone will open it 90% of the time just to see what it is. If you own a shoe store in town, and you send an SMS message to 10,000 people in your area about a sale that you are having over the weekend on a popular brand, you will attract new customers to your store – it is that simple.

Mobile devices are now firmly entrenched in our society, and the next big thing is wearable devices. Years ago, the comic strip ‘Dick Tracy’ had a wrist worn two way communication device, which was then a real novelty, whereas today it is a reality. It is estimated that 60% of all of the internet searches are being done from mobile devices while people are out and about.

SMS stands for ‘short messaging service’, or text messaging. It is possible to create an attractive, eye catching 5 second video and text it to 100,000 demographically chosen folks in your immediate area and you will have people coming into your store to see you.

There is an entire market that most retailers are completely missing. There are thousands of people whose entire communication factor is strictly from a smart phone. The don’t have a computer, a laptop, an iPad, a TV or an land line telephone. They can get all that they need from their smart phone.

No one has thought of reaching these people directly by texting them, but you just have and you will probably be the only local merchant who does. If you haven’t done anything about this yet, you need to right away. If you do, you will most likely be ahead of your peers.

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