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Purpose of plugin

You can import amazon products based on the number of images, attributes variations and categories . When you’ll attempt to import some Amazon items, you will get an estimated rating. This can be A, B, C or D ( A = finest rating, D = worst rating).

It’s simple to believe that when importing Amazon items you require ALL the images that the item includes. This could be Amazon Categories Tree that includes the item. Also ALL the Attributes that the item includes or ALL the item variations (that can be numerous. Numerous = even 300 variations for ONE PRODUCT!). This would overkill your database and drastically reduce your WordPress’ resources.

Importing just exactly what’s pertinent is the finest method to follow.

Items that have rating D indicates that that you imported items that consist of a great deal of info. This includes variations, images, categories and features. Integrated with an inexpensive hosting server will imply that your site will perhaps fill extremely sluggish.

Generally this brand-new module will assist you enhance your site speed by enhancing Amazon items, post-import.

The item features will be enhanced as post meta information rather of terms. By itself will increase your site speed drastically. Then you will likewise have the ability to enhance the item categories. An item can have up to 300 variations. If you wish to be an affiliate you actually do not require all those datas.

Using this module you will have the ability to enhance your items in no time at all!

Complete Features List

  • You can have Simple Woocommerce Products and Amazon Products on your store
  • Functions as plugin WordPress Install.
  • Suitable with any Woocommerce / WordPress Theme
  • Setup Prices – You can Select what cost to show on items. This includes Regular cost/ Sale rate/ Offer rate.
  • Pick from any location that Amazon is available – Worldwide Amazon Europe, Canada, China, Japan
  • 3 months cookies function – With this function, when a visitor redirects on amazon, their item is added to amazon cart for 90 days. This enhances your conversions likewise.
  • On Site Cart function! This alternative will permit your clients to include numerous Products from Amazon into Cart. This will allow them to checkout via Amazon’s payment system the same time.
  • Instantly Content Spinner – choose if you want to have actually the material spinned by hand like do it later or upon import.
  • Products Variations – Receive info about item variations. All the variations on one item can total a great deal of variations.The execution time is drastically increased.
  • Select if you want to show Coupones – special deals & discount rates.
  • Default publishing – You can import the items as Published or Draft.
  • Choose the number of images that you want to import for each item.
  • Choose if you want to show shipping schedule.
  • Products into Posts – You can quickly include items into any page/ post / customized taxonomy through Shortcodes.
  • The type of Image Importing – Choose if you want import images asynchronus or on import.
  • Cross Selling Items – Choose if you want to show cross selling items.
  • Images gallery in item description – choose if you want to show it or not.
  • ASIN GRABBER Module – get numerous ASINS from the Amazon DBS in simply a couple of seconds! You can import them through Bulk Import CSV!
  • Mass Import items by using the CSV module. All you require is the ASINS list.
  • Keep items upgraded using the Sync Module. You can upgrade Titles, Prices, Reviews, Descriptions, SKU, and Buy Urls.
  • Products Stats – inspect your conversions!
  • Images names – The Random number or Product title . It is excellent for SEO.
  • Setup/ Backup Module – set up default plugin settings. Backup existing plugin settings, and backup existing shop items.
  • Amazon Reviews Tab – Choose if you want to show amazon reviews.
  • Setup Amazon Secret Access Key and Access Key ID.
  • Setup the affiliate ID’s. You do not need to define all ids if you are not signed up to all programs.
  • Setup Main Affiliate ID.
  • One 2nd import! Look for items utilizing the Advanced Search and Bulk Import module. All data will be imported.

System Requirements

  • WordPress version 4.0+.
  • WordPress Plugin WooCommerce 2.0 +.
  • In order to get Access/Secret Keys you need an Amazon account.
  • Amazon affiliate account so you can get the cash!
  • This plugin is simply a tool to assist you establish a wordpress/ woocommerce site. Do not make mini amazon sites. It is not ok, due to the fact that amazon will close your affiliate account if you just import amazon items. You are required to have other material on your site.
  • It is not suggested to use shared/low-cost hosting if you want to use the plugin and import a great deal of items. If you use the plugin, it’s really possible that your server won’t be able to handle it. This is since there is insufficient memory or resources. It is a great practice to update to a much better hosting strategy as soon as possible.
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