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Table Rate Shipping is a WooCommerce plugin for WordPress. Blog/Site Owners are offered the option to arrange a list of conditions. They can also setup their suitable expenses. This are used to figure out the shipping alternatives for a store client.

This table rate technique for WooCommerce has the option to include several rates for an offered client. This is based upon a range of conditions set by admin. These can consist of shipping location, cart subtotal, product shipping class, cost, weight, therefore a lot more.

List of Features

  • Conditions and rates for groups of items based upon:
    • Delivering Class
    • One By One Products
    • Order
    • Cart Line Products
  • Functions with WC Shipping Zones
  • Several versions allowed each zone
  • Multiple list of logiques / conditions:
    • Amount
    • Subtotal
    • Weight
    • Width
    • Height
    • Length
    • Volume
    • Area
    • Item
  • Delivering Class
  • Type of Item / Category
  • Day of Week
  • Date Range
  • Numerous conditions allowed on each row
  • Various expense choices:
    • Portion of Subtotal
    • Flat Price
  • Increased by weight, width, length, area volume, height
  • For every single x variety of currency, weight, measurements, and variety of items
  • Several Costs allowed for each row to develop mixes such as:
    • Base cost plus extra weight increments
    • Flat charge + portion for fuel additional charge
  • Drag ‘n Drop Rows – to manage the top priority of the conditions and expenses
  • Disable Delivery Taxes per every gateway
  • Limiting Table Rate approaches based upon user function
  • Weight estimations based on dimension.
  • Subtotal base conditions to include vouchers and tax
  • Round the weight to next integer.
  • Choice to not show this technique when Free Delivery setting is active.
  • Include description text listed after the delivery choice’s title and rate to include more info.
  • Select which technique is chosen by default.
  • Option to hide other settings in the very same approach when client receives the picked technique.

System Requirements

WPMLWooCommerce 3.1.xWooCommerce 3.0.xWooCommerce 2.6.x

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