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Summary: Develop priced item variations and conditional reasoning. With the help of form builder available you can build styles, forms,  and check features.

Does the present performance of your WC Products fulfill your requirements? Would you want to include Conditional Reasoning to your forms? You require more alternatives to pricing get your buyers attention? This plugin is the very one WP Product Plugin that you have actually been looking for.

You can manage the positioning of your new fields with the help of the Form Builder. Complete assistance for multiple elements. For example: radio buttons, checkboxes, text-areas, select and input boxes,  date, upload, color and variety picker.



  • Prices can alter depending upon the picked variation per item choices.
  • Options for global use
  • Form Fields Builder
  • Program your alternatives from outside WC item screen with the help of action hooks
  • Reveal your choice anywhere on the item page.
  • Allow the alternatives for particular roles.
  • Option between fixed cost or percentage increase
  • Limitation of check-box choice
  • Specific choice function for checkboxes
  • Export/import functions to your forms.
  • Lazy load images for checkboxes and radios.
  • Change item image for radios and check-boxes.
  • Cost per character function for text-areas and text-fields.
  • Additional styling for checkboxes and radios.
  • Efficiency boost for huge variety of alternatives.
  • Ability to replace radio button and check-boxes
  • Select the display grid screen for radio button and check-boxes
  • Hide or reveal rates
  • Show areas alternatives as popup
  • Conditional reasoning for areas and fields within the builder.
  • Areas can be shown normal, as a slider or a pop-up .
  • Management for upload
  • Suitable with – Woothemes Composite Products.
  • Suitable with – Aelia Currency Switcher.
  • Suitable with – Woothemes Measurement Price Calculator
  • Suitable with – Woothemes Bookings.
  • Suitable with – Woothemes WC Subscriptions.
  • Works with Woothemes WC Quick View
  • Works with WC Quickview
  • Works with Yith Quick view plugin
  • Works with Flatsome style fast view
  • Works with Venedor style fast view
  • Works with Kleo style fast view
  • Works with Rubbez_theme quick_view.
  • Suitable with Woothemes Measurement Price Calculator.
  • Suitable with WC Dynamic Pricing & Discounts.
  • Suitable with WC Currency Switcher. Fixed rates per currency are not supported.
  • Suitable with Wooquotation.


Doesn’t work with the following Plug-ins.


  • Plugins that change the way native variations work like WC Bulk Variations.
  • AnsPress
  • Tracking Code Manager.
  • Business Hours Pro WordPress Plugin.
  • WC Add to haul Ajax for variable items (not suitable with the edit choices function in the cart).
  • WC Wholesale Ordering.
  • WC User Role Pricing.
  • WC Group Pricing.
  • WC Role Based Price.
  • Subscriptio – WC Subscriptions.
  • VarkTech Pricing Deals for WC.
  • WC Dynamic Pricing.
  • WC Prices by User Role.
  • YITH Deposits and Down Payments.
  • YITH WC Ajax Product Filter (replicates alternatives upon save).
  • The Events Calendar.
  • SSL Insecure Content Fixer (disables conditional reasoning).
  • AutoOptimize
  • WPtouch (often it can produce concerns with the Orders).
  • Improved E-commerce for WC shop (disables CSV import/export).
  • WC Attach Me!
  • EF3 Import And Export.
  • WP User Activity
  • WC Create Customer on Order (dispute with JS avoid alternatives from revealing.).
  • The SEO Framework (disputes with conditional reasoning).
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